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10 Meter Dipole and learning

I had put up my 10 meter dipole when I set up my ICOM 740, and had it at 16.5′. I had used a way out of the house for the feedline that had me using a lot of coax. I had trouble with SWR, I could tune it out but I was not very efficient. I found another way to get my coax out to my antenna and it knocked off about 45′ of the feedline, yes 45 feet. I was able to raise the top of the dipole to 21.5′ and now now roughly 12′ to bottom of mast of feedline. I still have a little off balance inverted V with the higher side pointing west, but only a few degrees different than east side.

Right off the bat I found 1:1.2 swr on my radio without tuner and this was at about 65% of RF power. Very little done on antenna tuner now to get it at 1:1 and if I go full power I can still tune it down perfectly. Next week I will be building my 50 ohm dummy load, just waiting on some resistors and need to go out and get my paint can and some mineral oil.

I found a good deal on both the General and Extra ARRL books so I have been reading those. I have been reading one section in the General book and then part2 so to speak in the Extra book. I am starting to pass the practice test for general, still marginal but I am passing about 60% of the time. Another week or two and I will raise that average.

I have quite a few projects on deck:

  • Found some really nice surround speakers plus center speaker at Goodwill, Sony’s want to use them as externals for my HF rig.
  • Have a LM386 Audio chip I am thinking of building into a mono amp to feed the Sony speakers, maybe build a small Eq tone stack to use as listening filters.
  • Parts arriving for my homebuilt bench power supply will be here in a few days and time to get that project in a box.
  • Have some 300ohm twin lead and some really old plans for a doublet dipole fed with coax and an air choke.
  • Arduino parts arriving late in week and ready to start on my weather station project among others.

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