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2 Meter Vertical Dipole with air choke

After gaining a few pieces of equipment at the hamfest I was eager to see about getting a more efficient setup on 2 meters. New amp and i had just finished reading “US Army RADIO WAVE PROPAGATION AND ANTENNAS” on my smartphone So I looked around the net for possible ideas and with what I had on hand I arrived at making a vertical dipole.

I started off with making a air choke in hopes of eliminating some of the static I get on 2meters.


I had a Monster, project box and a pill bottle, time to get busy.


I slotted the end of the box so I could slide in my l brackets I was going to use to bolt the copper tube to.



Used some stiff plastic as a stiffener and isolator

My pill bottle was about 1.5″ and I put on 6 winds of RG58U



All mounted in box, I mounted a pvc fitting to bottom so I could mount on my mast so the coax fed the center at a 90 degree angle. I will post pics of it mounted outside soon. The 7/8 copper pipe  kinda test the pvc and my heavy fishing line guy lines.


It tuned in 1.3:1 on 5 watts and a bit higher when i turn the amp on. I can hit many more repeaters and certainly hear a lot more. I forgot to mention I raised the antenna to 16′ in the air where my old one was only at 10′. I still have this annoying pulsing  static that I hear when listening to a few repeaters, I am still trying to pin down the cause of this.



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